First University of DPRK

Kim Il Sung University, which was founded on October 1 Juche 35(1946), is the first university of the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea as well as the parent one of those in various fields.

Soon after Korea’s liberation from Japanese military rule in August 1945, it had neither experience of running and managing a university nor any material and technical foundations needed for founding it.

But the preparations for founding a university were successfully completed in a matter of several months under the energetic guidance of President Kim Il Sung who had cherished a noble ambition to train qualified personnel needed for building a new Korea by its own efforts.

The Korean people named the university, which was built for the first time together with the birth of a new Korea, after President Kim Il Sung, national hero.

Kim Il Sung University has made a great contribution to the development of the country by training a large number of talents with high professional knowledge. Now it has been strengthened and developed into the first-rate university in the world

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