Sixty Years Old Story

“Dear Comrade Kim Jong Sun, a DPRK hero

Grandfather saw the Korean Pictorial dated July 1962 and came to know that granddaughter-I hope Jong Sun will pardon me for calling you granddaughter like young people in Vietnam. Do you agree with me, granddaughter?-had rescued seven children from getting drowned in the water at the risk of your life and never told it to anybody. I was extremely impressed by your brave behavior and modest spirit. Only under the beautiful socialist system and when educated from the Party, excellent humans who possessed such communist spirit will be coming out. …”

It is what president Ho Chi Minh wrote to a Korean country girl in the 1960s of the previous century.

This letter which linked the head of state of a foreign country to a country girl in the DPRK as a bloody relation of grandfather and granddaughter is the adoration of the beauties of human being bloomed in the flower garden of socialism.

Sixty years have passed since president Ho Chi Minh praised the socialist system of the DPRK.

Today, the DPRK has rapidly emerged as a power giving tremendous impact to the changes in the world political structures and the development of world situation with strong national might recognized by the world as it has at the head the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the outstanding leader of Juche-oriented revolution, and shines bright over the whole world as a promising country.

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