Guidance to Firepower Strike Drill of Long-range Artillery Sub-units of KPA on Front

PRK and Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, inspected the firepower strike drill of long-range artillery sub-units of the Korean People’s Army on the front on March 2 to further kindle the flames for bringing about a revolution in the training.

He was greeted by Army General Pak Jong Chon, chief of the General Staff of the KPA, commanding officers of large combined units participating in the drill and artillery commanding officers.

He was briefed on the plan for the drill at the observation post before guiding it.

The gunners of long-range artillery on the front opened fire all at once when they were ordered to start the fire.

They proudly demonstrated the accurate marksmanship they had improved through trainings.

The Supreme Leader expressed great satisfaction with the fact that the artillerymen have been prepared to make rapid reaction to any circumstances and perfectly carry out their firepower combat duties.

The most ardent patriotism of soldiers is expressed in the beads of sweat they shed in the training ground, come rain or shine, he said, encouraging all the servicepersons of the entire army to train harder, bearing in mind the iron will and ardent patriotism to defend as strong as an impregnable fortress the socialist homeland dearer than their own lives.

Saying that the victory of the socialist cause is guaranteed by the powerful military force and a war deterrence, he stressed that the People’s Army should keep full combat readiness to protect the sky, land and sea of the country from any encroachment, steadily increase its combat capabilities and uphold the revolutionary cause of the Party.


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