On Seeing a Frozen Fish Storage

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Catfish Farm in October Juche 104 (2015).

In December the previous year he had looked around it, and said: As it is related to improving the people’s living standards, fish farming is something we cannot give up halfway or make a concession with; this fish farm should actively contribute to creating a hot wind of fish farming across the country by bringing about a great innovation in its work.

Under his deep concern, the farm had been renovated in less than one year.

He was now visiting the catfish farm again after having it transformed into a model and standard fish farm for the country.

He expressed his satisfaction over the fact that the farm had changed beyond recognition, and that another asset conducive to improving the dietary life of the people had been provided.

After going round the general production control room, spawning block and other places of the farm, he went to the outdoor ponds and said that half of each pond looked filled with catfish and the remaining half with water.

When the accompanying officials told him that the people would feel satisfied if they just looked at the scene, he said that they would feel satisfied only when they were supplied with the fish.

At the frozen fish storage, he said: I have so far seen piles of hard-finned sandfish and small fishes in freezing storages; this is the first time for me to see piles of frozen catfish.

Feeling the piled frozen catfish with his hand time and again, he continued: The farm has produced so many catfish that it seems there is no more free space at the storage; this storage can be likened to a storehouse of treasures.

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