Owners of Luxury Houses

On April 13, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un attended the inauguration ceremony of the Pothong Riverside Terraced Houses District to cut the ribbon.

That day, he warmly congratulated the owners of luxury houses who repeatedly extended heartfelt gratitude for him.

He said to the accompanying officials that no house had been evacuated from the area but the residence of President Kim Il Sung and that the President would have been satisfied to see modern dwelling houses built in the place of his residence and ordinary working people move there.

He continued as follows: We have done a good job to provide the houses in Kyongru-dong to persons of merit and labour innovators. Such phrase as a world for the people is not merely a watchword to our Party in which a climate of unconditionally serving the people has been established. The people, who have established and upheld our state power, deserve to receive the houses in Kyongru-dong.

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