On February 5, 2006, Kim Jong Il visited a unit of the Korean People’s Army in a mountainous region. It was an auspicious event for the soldiers, as there were few visitors to their unit and even senior officers dropped in on them only a few times a year.

In consideration of their lonely and solitary life, he stayed for long hours with the soldiers.

He saw the balls of fermented soya beans hanging on the wall of the bedroom, and taught how to make soya bean paste. And he asked about the supply of cigarettes and electricity.

The political instructor of the unit, who was hanging back, requested him to see an artistic performance prepared by a company.

The officials accompanying him were bewildered by this request. Above all else, it was high time for his departure. And they were well aware that he would not see an artistic performance in the morning hours inconvenient for singers.

To their surprise, he said with a loud laugh that he would make an exception and see the performance.

He continued:

“This is far away from Pyongyang, and the officials of the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces seldom visit here. The soldiers would be sorry to learn that the Supreme Commander left the battalion without seeing their artistic performance.”

He then sat on a wooden chair and saw the performance. He was the first to clap his hands.

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