First Approval Ballot

It happened in November Juche 35(1946) when there was the first democratic election after liberation.

This day when the whole country was filled with great joys, President Kim Il Sung took his way out to a polling booth in Pyongyang.

Carefully watching a candidate’s biography in the official notice, the President was so glad that he was nominated from workers.

Then he told officials that in the past the workers and farmers had never directly elected their representatives, but now each of them participates in the election with rights of voting and exercises sovereignty.

Walking inside the polling booth, he took out his citizenship card, went through due formalities, received his ballot and casted it for the candidate.

It was a historic moment deserved special mention in the first democratic election that the President highly esteemed by all Korean people was the first to vote as an ordinary citizen for a worker candidate who had suffered all sorts of humiliation with no rights before liberation.

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