The Masses Are My Teacher

On August 31, Juche 64 (1975), President Kim Il Sung met Inomata Hisao, Managing Editor of Japan’s Kyodo News Service who was on a visit to Korea, and arranged a luncheon in his honour.

At the luncheon Inomata inquired about issues concerning Korea’s economic fields–industry, agriculture and mining.

The President gave clear-cut answers to his questions.

Inomata was deeply impressed by Kim Il Sung’s profound knowledge, and said: “Your Excellency Mr. President, you are better informed than the experts on several sectors of the national economy. Your range of knowledge is truly exceptional.”

Saying with a smile on his face that his compliments were quite excessive and that his knowledge was what he had been taught by the masses of the people, he continued: “I always go among the workers, farmers and scholars to talk to them. People offer me many good opinions. If one mingles with the masses, one will not commit the error of being subjective.”

He went on to say that, as the farmers had rich experience of agriculture, whereas the agronomists worked mainly with books, he could learn a lot from them.

“The masses, including the farmers, are my teacher.”

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