In a Potato Field of Taehongdan

During his field inspection tour of Ryanggang Province, Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the farms of Taehongdan County on October 8, Juche 91(2002).

It was a sleety day and the road was wet and slushy, but the Chairman walked along the lane across the potato fields for hours and worked out an ambitious plan for bringing about a great change in potato farming.

Soon it was lunchtime and an official ran up to him and said that potatoes were being roasted.

The Chairman followed him to the place where potatoes were roasted and saw with a smile on his face the officials roasting potatoes with sooty hands. He said that they were doing it in an old way and that he would teach a new way of roasting potatoes.

Then he rolled up his sleeves to roast potatoes by himself and gave them to the officials.

Suddenly an official felt a lump in his throat to see the Chairman sitting together and having roasted potatoes with them without ceremony in the windy potato field, got up and said that it was just a glorious day when the Chairman was elected as the General Secretary of the WPK, but they were having roasted potatoes for lunch in his presence.

The Chairman pulled him down and tenderly told him to help himself to some more potatoes, saying they tasted good.

The accompanying officials were so moved to see the Chairman continue his long journey of patriotic devotion for the country and people by taking roasted potatoes for meals that they could hardly control tears welling up in their eyes.

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