General Kim Il Sung of Undying Fame, Savior of National Liberation (3) People’s Revolutionary Government Built in Guerrilla Zones

At initial stage of his road to revolution, President Kim Il Sung regarded the seizure of power as a fundamental question of revolution and put forward the Juche-oriented line of power building at several meetings including Kalun meeting held in June 1930 and Mingyuegou meeting held in December 1931. He wisely led the work to build the people’s revolutionary governments in guerrilla bases at the shore of the Tuman River.

Commune or Soviet, the then government form of the working-class did not accord with the actual situation of Korea, a colonial semi-feudal society.

At the assembly convened at Kayahe, Wangqing County in March Juche 22 (1933) to discuss the building of the people’s revolutionary government, the President made a speech that it was a genuine government of people that relied on the worker-peasant alliance led by the working-class and the united front of broad strata of the anti-Japanese forces.

Afterwards, the people’s revolutionary governments were built in most of guerrilla zones at the shore of Tuman River. In these zones land was free distributed and eight-hour working system, free education and free medical care systems were enforced.

A new form of the people’s revolutionary government that had brought about great social changes in guerrilla zones became the prototype of the people’s government set up in Korea soon after liberation.

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