Yanggakdo International Hotel

It is a modern hotel situated on the beautiful Yanggak Island on the Taedong River.

The 47-storey building can accommodate about 2 000 guests. As it stands on the islet on the Taedong River, its surrounding air is particularly clear and fresh. In the foyer, there are a bookstore, a shop, a conference room, a banquet hall and gracefully-furnished restaurants serving Korean and Western dishes. On the basement, there are a recreation hall, a karaoke lounge, a bowling alley and a souvenir shop. A revolving restaurant is on the top of the building and a snack bar below it.

There are the Pyongyang International Cinema House and the Yanggakdo Football Stadium near the hotel.

Rooms: 1 001 (VIP: 10, suite: 23, deluxe: 90, standard: 878)

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