Best Things to Children

One day in September Juche 50 (1961) President Kim Il Sung visited the then Songdowon Children’s Camp.

As he embraced campers who jumped up and down, shouting hurrah full of joy, the President meticulously asked them how many days they had stayed at the camp, if there was anything else they wanted to eat, if they were unafraid of the sea and what kind of game was the most interesting.

Songdowon is a good place and it was an exclusive summer resort for the rich in the past, the President said, referring to the need to let our children play there to their heart’s content.

At the dining hall, he examined the analysis table of different foods and told relevant officials to increase the food supply for campers and give them more foods they like such as eggs, fruits and sweets. And looking round their bedrooms, he said blanket was better than quilt in summer and pointed to the need to provide them with proper quilts.

He also saw to it that water taps were replaced with better ones and large mirrors were set up so that campers could see their whole body in them.

Indeed, his was a solicitous paternal affection.

That day, the President earnestly told the officials to give the best things to children as there was nothing to spare for them.

Best things to the children!

This fully reflects the ennobling views on the future and younger generations kept by the President who raised Korean children with an ardent love for the future of the country.

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