Story of Loving Care in the History of Great War Victory (2) Supreme Commander Wears Cotton-padded Shoes for Soldiers in Summer

It was one hot day in August Juche 40(1951).

President Kim Il Sung looked carefully at the military uniform samples for winter with officials and told them to get a pair of cotton-padded shoes for him.

From the next day he put it on for more than a week.

It was so surprising and doubtful that the officials began feeling curious.

A few days later the President walked on a rugged and muddy road to a combat construction site after heavy rains. Pointing to his cotton-padded shoes, he told the soldiers that such shoes were going to be supplied from winter and asked their opinions.

They all agreed, but the President got worried, saying that his feet felt warm and comfortable when he put on his shoes for a few days, but they got wet so easily that soldiers might get their feet frozen.

And pointing to the edge of rubber in his shoes again, he stressed that his shoes were quite wet on the not so muddy road as rubber was covered thin, so anyone might have his feet frozen in winter.

It was only after the officials were told that they realized why the President had worn his cotton-padded shoes untimely.

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