On a Memorable April Day

On April 25 Juche 71(1982) President Kim Il Sung sat together with the anti-Japanese war veterans and Party and state officials. He told them that with the founding of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, the Korean people came to have their true revolutionary army for the first time in history and could victoriously carry on the struggle for the country’s independence and their liberation on a new high stage, and from that time the glorious history of the Korean revolutionary armed forces began.

His saying deeply touched the heartstrings of all those present there.

Looking at them filled with deep emotion, the President said that the precious revolutionary gains and victories and successes achieved by the people in the revolution and construction are permeated with the immortal exploits performed by the revolutionary armed forces and the blood shed by the anti-Japanese guerillas and service personnel of the Korean People’s Army. The immortal feats performed for the country and people by the KPRA and its direct successor KPA will shine for all ages along with the glorious history of the revolutionary struggle of our Party and people, he added.

Looking up to the President, the anti-Japanese war veterans and officials engraved in their minds once again the factor in the development of the Korean People’s Army into an invincible revolutionary army inheriting the anti-Japanese tradition.

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