We Cannot Live Away from His Bosom!

A story of love that cannot be told without tears has come out in June this year in the DPRK.

The medical supplies filled with warm affection sent by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and other aid materials and drugs sincerely prepared by the Party Central Committee officials and their families were carried to the people in South Hwanghae Province who had suffered from acute enteric infectious diseases.

Cheers of hurrah “Long Live the Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un!”, “Long Live the Workers’ Party of Korea!” were endlessly heard here and there in the province.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un intended the Party Central Committee to be the first to run toward the people who undergo ordeals and pain and help them close at hand.

For that reason, whoever lives in the DPRK says that he or she cannot live even for a moment away from his warm bosom.

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