Untrodden Path the Chairman Took

Twenty years ago it happened in hot and humid August.

Chairman Kim Jong Il worked with officials till late at night after having returned to his lodging place from his field guidance of several hours to some of the units in a province.

Casting a glance at his watch, he told officials to go to sleep as it was too late and they got tired.

A few hours later, he telephoned one of them and kindly asked him if he got out of his fatigue.

The official answered that he lessened his fatigue after a dead sleep. The Chairman said that he felt too tired of handling the delayed work at over four hours and slept for about half an hour.

It was four hours and 30 minutes then.

He told the Chairman what he should do if he sat up every night without sleeping even an hour a day. Then the Chairman said that it was irritating to get short of time as he had to work more for the people.

Concluding that he had to work and work to give our people happy lives at the request of President Kim Il Sung even if he couldn’t sleep and underwent more troubles, he said that he had to leave at 5:30.

That day the Chairman and his group started a trip again early in the morning for long-range field guidance.

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