Korean Women Enjoy Fulfilling Life

In the DPRK, women are enjoying fulfilling life as the “flower” of the country and the times.

After the proclamation of the Law of Sexual Equality on July 30 Juche 35(1946), tens of thousands of women were elected as deputies to the people`s assemblies at all levels and a total of well over a thousand women as deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly, 315 women participated in the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea as representatives, and more than 3 500 women were awarded the titles of heroine, honorary titles or academic degrees and titles in the first five years of the 2010s.

As she told about the reality of the DPRK, in which women’s rights are practically provided, the chairwoman of the Women’s International Democratic Federation said that the Korean women are regarded as proud and powerful beings playing important role in the accomplishment of the cause of the Juche revolution. A Brazilian newspaper said that the Korean women are taking an active part in political life, adding they are firmly safeguarding the country’s sovereignty and socialism while playing a pivotal role in different fields including national defence, education, culture and the arts, to say nothing of industries and agriculture.

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