Sentry with Supreme Commander’s Fur Cap on His Head

One winter day in Juche 39(1950), a soldier was on sentry at a checkpoint in the evening. Being informed that President Kim Il Sung was on his way back to the supreme command from his inspection to the war front, he went on tense sentry looking out the front hazy with snowstorm.

Some minutes later, when the President’s car ran toward his checkpoint, he saluted the President giving a command “Present arms!”

Getting out of his car on the snowy road, the President went up to him and was worried about him saying that he would feel his ears getting chilly as he went on sentry wearing no fur cap in the cold.

He meant no supply of fur caps to the soldiers in the period of the arduous and complicated strategic temporary retreat.

He said bravely that he didn’t feel cold in order to set the President at ease, but the President let his adjutant bring his fur cap and gloves.

Having seen him feel much obliged the President took his military cap off to put his fur cap on his head. Then he pulled earflaps down and tied them up.

Sentry leader was surprised to see his soldier putting on the supreme commander’s fur cap and gloves.

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