“O Korea, I Will Add Glory to Thee”

On September 1, Juche 49(1960) when he was admitted to the Kim Il Sung University, Chairman Kim Jong Il went up on Ryongnam Hill with students.

It was where he ascended together with President Kim Il Sung and his mother Kim Jong Suk, anti-Japanese war heroine, when the main building of the university was hastened after liberation. There his mother asked him to grow up soon and study at the university and then support his father well.

Recollecting his memories with deep emotion, the Chairman began reciting a piece of poetry stamped with his great oath.

As I stand on Ryongnam Hill at sunrise,

The land of 3,000 ri greets my eyes.

Learning the leader’s great idea,

I’ll be the master of the revolution in Korea.

O, Korea, I will add glory to thee

Seeing the students much excited, he said that in fact, he was not a poet, but he did nothing else than give rein to his feelings he had always kept in mind on the hill that day. He exhorted that they should prepare themselves to be the revolutionary talents who would be responsible for the future of the country in the university period and firmly uphold the noble intention of the President.

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