Ordinary Passenger in the Train

One day in June Juche 64(1975), chief official of South Hamgyong Province was in a hurry to enter the platform after informed that Chairman Kim Jong Il would pass one of the stations in the province.

He stopped suddenly making headway against the train entering the platform, because it was not a special train but an ordinary one. Looking at it carefully again to confirm his judgement, he caught the sight of the Chairman smiling brightly in a compartment of the ordinary train.

Actually he found no difference in dressing and manner between the Chairman and other passengers in the train. He saw and heard a lot about his simplicity and modesty but never imagined the Chairman would get on an ordinary train like other passengers to continue his field guidance. He was really choked with grief and felt his sight grow dim.

The Chairman inquired into rice planting in the province and gave the tasks to hasten weeding and markedly increase fertilizer production. And then he got it on and took his seat in a plain compartment again.

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