Another Story of Love Told in December

The noble affections displayed by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in December, when the whole country brims with an intense yearning for Chairman Kim Jong Il, touched the heartstrings of all Koreans.

Marking the meaningful day of December 24, the Supreme Leader sent presents to institutions across the country.

Different foodstuffs were given to orphans at revolutionary schools, baby homes, orphanages, primary and middle schools for orphans, and people at rest homes and disability care homes in all parts of the country.

Those who received the presents and teachers and other staff members at the institutions were deeply impressed by the warm love shown once again by the Supreme Leader who is taking good care of all the people in the country with parental affection.

Seeing the orphans laughing and chattering with the presents in their bosom, the teachers and nurses felt confident in the rosy future of the coming generations who would grow up more happily in the benevolent bosom of the Sun.

Moved to tears by the affections of the Supreme Leader, the old people and other inpatients at sanatoriums extended their gratitude to him.

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