When He Was Most Glad

When does the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un find himself most glad?

An unforgettable fact in Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm is one of many stories to give answer to this question.

One day in August Juche 107(2018) he inspected again the Jungphyong area at noon when one is hard to breathe as the earth becomes hot in order to supply our people with fresh vegetables at an early date.

Highlighting the ways to build the farm into the highest grade, he looked over the vast ground, imagining the rows of greenhouses to be soon erected and said that he was most glad to find the work to provide rich and happy lives to our people like that day.

It is truly what the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un only can say as he regards the joy and happiness of people as his greatest delight and rewarding job.

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