Come Here and See!

The Korean people call the Okryu Children`s Hospital the house of love that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

One day in March Juche 103(2014) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the hospital again.

The Supreme Leader was very pleased to see the children who came to the hospital to receive medical treatment accompanied by their parents.

After inquiring about the operation of the hospital and taking relevant measures, he told the medical workers of the hospital that they should take good care of the children, the future of the country, prevent the children from illness and give them medical treatment properly and thus bring them up to be the pillars of the country.

After seeing the children of ordinary workers receiving medical treatment to their heart’s content free of charge, the senior fellow of a university in Australia said:

“The Okryu Children’s Hospital is not a hospital, but a palace. It is unimaginable in other countries that the state builds such a palatial hospital for the children. …

“The Korean children are happy, indeed.”

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