Gifts Associated with Boundless Sincerity of All People 33

China Pot

This gift was presented to President Kim Il Sung by Portuguese Central Committee for the Study of Kimilsungism in March Juche 76(1987).

The committee decided to hold a Portuguese national seminar of the Juche idea on independence and peace and to present a gift to the President on the occasion of his 75th birth anniversary.

Portuguese people have presented china pots produced in Coimbra to the great men who performed meritorious services for their countries and people and also to the dearest friends as a symbol of respect and trust.

The pot the whole part of which is an earthly paradise descended in Portuguese legend is cherishing their faith and will to build a new society where all people lead their free and happy lives under the brilliant Juche rays.


Long Sword

This gift was presented to Chairman Kim Jong Il by the commander of the People’s Army of Arab Republic of Syria in February Juche 70(1981).

He worked with a famous artisan to make this majestic and beautiful long sword on the occasion of the Chairman’s birthday.

It has been told that the Syrian people traditionally regard the long sword as a symbol of victory, bravery and national defense and present it to the dearest heads of state and generals only.

The gift is containing his pure feeling to boundlessly respect and follow the Chairman.


Jingtailan Vase

It was presented to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un by the head of the delegation from Chinese Institute of Modern International Relations on behalf of the institute when he had an opportunity to visit the DPRK to attend celebration events for its 70th founding anniversary.

There are dark blue pomegranate fruits and two magpies nicely depicted on the vase.

He said that in China pomegranate fruit means good harvest, development and prosperity and magpie is renowned as the first news-teller and that the picture in the vase is reflecting their wish that the DPRK will be prospering under the wise leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and always filled with good news only.


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