From Farm to Farm

On January 3, Juche 57(1968) when snow was driven by the wind all day, Chairman Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to the dairy cattle farms around Pyongyang City.

He inspected a farm under construction at first and pointed out the need to quickly finish building cowsheds, take good care of dairy cows and find solution to feeding problem with grass abundant in our country.

Then he headed toward another farm together with officials of the farm in order to let them learn their good experiences.

In the farm the Chairman taught them in detail the ways to preserve the temperature of cowsheds, care for dairy cows, scientific milking and to increase milk output by sufficiently feeding protein-rich grass to cows.

His field guidance continued in snowstorm from farm to farm till the sun set was the course of devotion in which the fatherly loving care of the Chairman who wanted to supply tasty and nutritional milk for people were marked trace by trace.

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