Finding Himself among People for Life

Once, a foreign politician asked President Kim Il Sung a question when he met the President:

“Wherever I go in the DPRK, people say that this dam was built under the guidance of the President or this orchard came into being as he had instructed during the war to build it after the war and guided wisely. They attribute everything to the ‘guidance of President Kim Il Sung. Then, when did you acquire such expert skills?”

Laughing a hearty laugh, the President replied, saying farmers tell me that fruits thrive in this place because of good conditions and officials in the construction sector teach me that when a dam is built here, the stagnant water can be used as irrigation water.

Many anecdotes are encapsulated in the whole life of the President who always visited people and shared the same intention and feeling with them, saying he makes journey not for field guidance but for study.

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