Samjiyon is a lake located over 4km north of the city of Samjiyon, Ryanggang Province.

It was originally a river flowing from the present lake to the north. The river course was blocked by the lava from volcanic actions of the Paektu and its surrounding volcanoes, and formed this lake.

As it is located in the highland in the north, it is one of the places with the lowest temperatures in Korea.

Birch, Korea larch, spruce and white birch trees occur around the lake. Also seen there are such highland plants as bog bilberry, rhododendron, mock strawberry cinquefoils and other shrubs and beautiful flowers.

In spring azaleas and royal azaleas bloom and such rare animals as Samjiyon deer and Samjiyon heat cock, natural living monuments of Korea, can be seen, adding to the natural scenery of the lake.

The lake supports scores of fish species including minnow and char; among them, Samjiyon crucian is registered as an object for conservation and as a natural living monument.

Korea larch trees which are hundreds of years old and can be seen only here and over 30 spices of rare trees flourish in this area.

The sky is blue and clear, the air is refreshing and the scenery of the lake at dawn and in the moonlit night when silence falls upon the primitive forest and the silvery water reflecting the moon in its ripples is breathtaking.

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