President Kim Il Sung Tells Legend of Eight Fairies of Mt Kumgang

It happened on September 10 Juche 64(1975) when President Kim Il Sung met with the leading members and artistes of a Chinese art troupe.

The President said they would not feel tired if they heard an interesting legend while climbing Mt Kumgang for sightseeing.

Saying there was a Korean legend about the eight fairies that came from heaven to Eight Pools to play there, he told them the tale and then asked them if there were any unmarried men among them.

Upon hearing from the head of the art troupe that there were bachelors, he said that, apart from married men, they should have visited the Eight Pools and then might have met the fairies.

Then the guests burst into cheerful laughter.

The following day the media unanimously reported that the conversation proceeded in an amicable atmosphere.

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