Knowledge is Biggest Asset

It happened in April Juche 95(2006).

Chairman Kim Jong Il at a meeting with officials said that knowledge is a powerful instrument for transforming nature and society, adding that as knowledge is power, profound knowledge of nature and society makes it possible to work better and that people`s independent and creative activities to transform nature and society presuppose knowledge with ideological consciousness. He continued to say:

Knowledge lights the way to break through even the closed road but ignorance makes it impossible to see even the open road ahead. That is why we say knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness. Whereas knowledge is the biggest asset in creation and construction, ignorance is abject poverty.

Our cause of building a thriving country is what our people should carry out on the basis of modern science and technology. We cannot build a thriving socialist country apart from modern science and technology. Everyone should study and study to acquire deep knowledge. …

Knowledge is the biggest asset!

Every word of his remarks carried a truly profound meaning.

The officials were lost in deep thought about the devotion and efforts the Chairman put to improving the people`s knowledge as he regarded it as one of important ways to realize the cause of building a powerful socialist country.

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