Confessions Full of Sincerity

“At the time all the operation plans in the Korean war period were drawn up after several rounds of discussions between heads of state, chiefs of staff and many generals of the Western countries. But General Kim Il Sung defeated them singlehandedly. Seeing it with my own eyes, I came to know that General Kim Il Sung is the one and only brilliant military strategist and great commander in the world.”

(Former president of Portugal)

“President Kim Il Sung, who loves humans the most, is the perfect incarnation of human love. It is too natural that humankind praises him as the sun so highly and follows him.”

(Former prime minister of Austria)

“It was really a wonderful visit. I am sorry it was too late a visit. Just before, a journalist asked me whether I shed tears as I met President Kim Il Sung. It is true. I don`t want to conceal the fact that I was so attracted by the personality traits of the President that I shed tears when I met him. Because it is not shame to be charmed by the great man whom I respect from the bottom of my heart. Although I am in the twilight of my political career, I will do my best to live up to the trust of the President. This is my last mission as a politician.”

(Former deputy prime minister of Japan)

“The more the Japanese army was defeated, the more scared we got of the anti-Japanese guerrilla army and whenever we were fearful, we talked much about General Kim Il Sung. What was more surprising as we came to know all later was that the General of high repute was only 23 years old. As he made his name as a political and military genius throughout the continent at such a young age, I could not but admire him as the peerless hero.”

(Then platoon leader of the Japanese Kwantung Army)

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