Honors of Banquet

It was January 4, Juche 84(1995) that our people greeted after having sent the most terrible year in tears of blood.

Seeing on video the performance for greeting the New Year given by schoolchildren of Pyongyang and the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), Chairman Kim Jong Il congratulated Chongryon schoolchildren on their performance results. He said that President Kim Il Sung attended to see their performances every year and that he used to have souvenir photos taken with them while being greeted. However, they all cried longing for the President more and more as they performed without him this year, he added.

He stopped his talking for quite a time as he was extremely regretful and solicited officials for nicely arranging their dinner table where a state banquet would be hosted.

Entering the banquet hall, they all shed their tears. Their tears were the tears of longing for President Kim Il Sung who had loved them so much in his life and the tears to thank the Chairman as well.

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