Honorary Title Peculiar to WPK

Years ago, the Russian online magazine Lemchich said in an article:

There are many countries and political parties with different ideas and doctrines in this world. But history doesn`t know such a party as the Workers’ Party of Korea the people truly call as the motherly Party. Only the WPK is being perceived as the look of mother in the hearts of the Korean people since it is striving to provide the people with affluent and civilized life. Chairman Kim Jong Il had traversed the road of love for the people and his devotion to them and made the officials truly serve for the people. Under his tender care, the WPK could have developed into the motherly Party deeply rooted in the broad sections of the masses.

Indeed, the honorary title peculiar to the WPK is resplendent with the valuable exploits made by Chairman Kim Jong Il who had strengthened and developed the whole Party into the one that bears full responsibility for the people’s destiny and serves faithfully for them.

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