Another Photograph

One day in September 1993 President Kim Il Sung visited a cooperative farm in Onchon County.

He examined a new strain of a rice plant and had an accompanying official sent for the researcher who developed it.

When the official said the researcher was on a business trip to the Academy of Agricultural Science, the President proposed naming the rice plant, showing great regret at failing to meet him. And he named the rice plant after the researcher.

After return to his lodgings he asked an official to take the researcher to him, saying that he must feel very regretful to know that we went back without meeting him.

Thus, the next day the researcher came to the place where the President worked.

The President, as if a parent did with his own child who returned home after performing great exploits, embraced the researcher and praised him over and over again for his successful efforts before posing for a photograph with him.

After the photo session the President told the researcher to say without hesitation whatever he wanted, promising that he would solve them all.

When the researcher said he had nothing to ask, the leader repeatedly told him to visit him at any time if he found any problems in his research.

And then he suggested to the researcher that they take another photograph and had a photograph taken with him.

The researcher was moved to tears to see him as the people’s leader who was very delighted at the outcome which would contribute to improvement in people’s living standards.

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