Rice Balls He Did Not Have

One day Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a unit of the People`s Army.

As he looked round several places of the unit and watched the performance given by art group of families of military personnel, he came back to his lodging place with officers of the unit well after lunch time.

He sat vis-à-vis at the table with them and kindly asked if they had breakfast. Having heard they had, he said that he had come back right now since he left so early in the morning and although he left with rice-balls, he could not have as he thought soldiers would be waiting for him to come.

A commanding officer of the unit thanked him repeatedly for taking his precious time for officers and men of his unit. The Chairman smiled broadly saying that if the soldiers were pleased he would have enough although he missed even ten meals to say nothing of one meal.

The officers were deeply moved looking up to him who found his worth living in the happy faces of soldiers.

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