Grand People’s Study House

It was opened in April Juche71(1982) on the occasion of the 70th birthday of President Kim Il Sung.

It stands as the background of Kim Il Sung Square.

Covering a total floor space of over 100 000㎡, this 10-storied building is an example of traditional Korean-style architectures.

As a centre for disseminating scientific, technical and cultural knowledge, it also performs the function of an institution of tertiary education.

It has a library stocked with tens of millions of books, about 20 large reading rooms, about 10 lecture rooms, and other 600 rooms, including information rooms, question-and-answer rooms, foreign language lecture rooms, a general lecture hall with 800 seats, a music room, etc.

More than 10 000 people visit the palace a day on the average for studying by themselves or taking lectures.

The observatory on the 6th-floor balcony commands the bird’s-eye view of beautiful Pyongyang.

The Grand People’s Study House was built in a short period of 21 months.

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