Course of Development of Popular and Advanced Education System

The DPRK`s education system has steadily been strengthened and developed into the most popular and advanced socialist education system.

The Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK government had already taken measures to exempt poor children from paying school fees and offer state scholarships to college and university students immediately after the country’s liberation, and enforced the universal compulsory primary education in Juche 45(1956), universal compulsory secondary education in Juche 47(1958) and universal 9-year compulsory technical education in Juche 56(1967).

With the introduction of the universal free education system in Juche 48(1959), all the working people and their children were freed from the burden of paying school expenses once and for all.

In Juche 64(1975) the universal 11-year compulsory education was enforced in all regions of the country, and the study-while-working higher educational system was further strengthened and developed along with the regular system of higher learning.

The Sixth Plenary Meeting of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly held in September Juche 101(2012) adopted the law on enforcement of a universal 12-year compulsory education system, which is the brilliant succession to and further development onto a new high stage of the universal 11-year compulsory education.

The socialist education system of DPRK, which came into full bloom under the care of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, has now entered a new high stage of its development under the wise guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who brilliantly inherits and develops the great ideology on and exploits for education of the peerlessly great men.

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