Pleasure Never to be Taken Again

One day in April Juche 108(2019), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un went up to a pavilion being built around the ridge of a mountain, while on his visit to the construction site of the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort.

He told officials that he decided to set foot on all the major ordered construction sites on the verge of great important meetings to be held this month, because he had to confirm their real progress in person from the standpoint he took full responsibility, as they were the work for him to keep his promise with the people.

He said that as he emphasized as often as ever, our officials should regard it as their pleasure or blessing never to be taken again to run saddling themselves with heavy burdens. We had to suffer hardships for the people, for nobody would take our places, he added.

Today our people are merrily having a spell of their recreational life under the warm loving care.

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