Prime Minister Back Home with Sunlight from DPRK

In April 40 odd years back, Guyanese Prime Minister Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham who had groped for a way to building a new society decided to visit the DPRK to meet President Kim Il Sung.

He was completely fascinated by the President who extended full support and encouragement to the Guyanese revolution and gave clear-cut answers to all problems.

Back home, he stepped up the revolution and construction by believing in the strength of people and in conformity with the actual conditions of the country as instructed by the President.

Therefore, the country, which had produced only 20 000 tons of cereals before its independence, yielded 210 000 tons in the late 1970s and enforced the free education system from kindergartens to colleges and universities. And scores of hospitals were built and free medical care system was established in the country though it had not a single hospital in the past.

Whenever the Guyanese people called him as “our prime minister who brought sunlight from the DPRK” in praise of his achievements, he reportedly said that it is none other than the DPRK`s great Comrade Kim Il Sung who presented the sunlight to Guyana and will give the eternal sunlight. 

During the last period of his life, he left a note that as long as Guyana advances along the road of Juche expounded by President Kim Il Sung, the great Sun of humankind, he will live on, and the road of Juche is the path the humankind is marching forward at present. 

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