Pine Nuts

An official brought pine nuts with thin shell, a speciality of a foreign country, from his foreign business trip, and presented them to Chairman Kim Jong Il.

On November 4 Juche 67(1978), the Chairman called the official and told him that President Kim Il Sung had instructed that the pine nuts from that country are of good quality. And he asked him to bring that pine-nut tree and cultivate it in the DPRK.

The official looked surprised since the tree was only grown in hot regions different from the DPRK in natural and geographical conditions. Looking at him, the Chairman said.

It will be really beneficial if we bring the pine-nut tree saplings, grow them here, gather the nuts and use them to promoting the people`s health.

The official answered that he is worried whether the tree, which used to grow in the hot region, will be able to take roots in Pyongyang. The Chairman said to him that although some people say that it will take decades to acclimatize the trees growing in hot regions to the DPRK, he is resolved to make harvest within a few years.

A few years later, there was a harvest of pine nuts from the transplanted trees. Witnessing this, the official keenly realized once again that there is nothing impossible when the Chairman is determined to do.

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