Warm Greetings to Fishermen’s Wives

Early on the morning of November 18, Juche 103 (2014), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Fishery Station No. 18.

Looking round the quay where fresh fishes were unloading from “Tanphung” fishing vessels and the cold storage piled up with frozen blocks of fish, he highly appreciated the achievements made by its officials and fishermen.

Then, he headed for a salting store.

Fishes which had just been caught were piled up in the open-air fish processing ground, where fishermen’s wives were classifying the fishes.

He stopped there for a while and sent warm greetings to them, and said as follows: I was told that all the fishermen’s wives would volunteer to carry and process fishes whenever fishing vessels arrived with fishes. It is a good thing that they make devoted efforts for the benefit of the collective.

Looking at them fondly, he repeatedly extended warm greetings to them who were following him with excitement.

Saying that the officials and employees of the fishery station and their wives gave him big strength and courage today, he had a photo session with all of them.

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