Sublime Declaration that Proclaimed a Start to New Korea

In August 1945, the Korean nation broke off the chain of colonial slave and celebrated freedom and liberation they had longed so much.

President Kim Il Sung, the national hero and peerless patriot who liberated the lost country made a historical speech “Every Effort for the Building of a New, Democratic Korea” at the Pyongyang mass rally that welcomed his triumphal return to the fatherland.

In his speech, the President appealed to all sections of the people to turn out in the building of a new Korea by displaying patriotic enthusiasm. He held that those who had strength should actively contribute to nation building by strength, those who had knowledge by knowledge and those who had money by money. And he urged all the people who loved the country, nation and democracy to firmly unite for the building of a democratic and independent sovereign state. His ardent appeal was a patriotic burning call to build a true new country of the people under the banner of unity and also a sublime declaration that proclaimed the start of an independent and new democratic Korea.

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