Most Auspicious International Holiday in the Era of Independence

A variety of celebratory events sponsored by the world’s progressives to mark the February holiday are the impressive scenes in the era of independence showing their boundless yearning and reverence for Kim Jong Il.

Rallies, book and photo exhibitions and film shows were held in Sweden, Nepal, Bangladesh, Germany, Myanmar, Bulgaria, Romania, the UK, Mexico and many other countries.

At the joint celebratory meeting of north European progressive parties and friendship organizations and the book and photo exhibition, the participants said that the Chairman had steadily embodied the principle of Juche in ideology, independence in politics, self-sufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in national defence in the whole period of leading the revolution and construction and laid an eternal foundation for the prosperity of the country and nation by smashing the imperialists’ moves to suffocate the DPRK with the treasured sword of Songun.

At the events in Bulgaria and Romania, speakers praised highly the sacred life of the Chairman who had devoted his all to the people’s wellbeing and affirmed that the Korean people would accomplish the cause of a socialist power building and national reunification under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

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