For the Future of the Country

One October day in Juche 71 (1982), two years after the inauguration of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, Chairman Kim Jong Il during talks with some officials suddenly asked one of them if the hospital provided nursing mothers with honey on a regular footing.

On receiving the official’s positive answer, he said that it was a good thing and asked again about how the in-patients were given honey.

The official replied that they received honey at a nominal price fixed by the state.

Then, Kim Jong Il said as follows: It was wrong that nursing mothers pay for honey at the hospital. From olden times, our women have had honey after delivery as it was very good for improving their health as quickly as possible. So, the Workers’ Party of Korea made sure that the maternity hospital was built in the capital city of Pyongyang and that honey was provided to nursing mothers.

He stressed that the WPK spares nothing for the future of the revolution.

The hospital has so far been supplied with about 170 tons of various kinds of honey including wild honey on 68 occasions.

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