Great Life Devoted to People

Bangladesh newspaper Daily Naurose quoted personages of political and social circles from different parts of the world as speaking highly of Chairman Kim Jong Il that his leadership abilities are surprising, if not wonderful, and charming and excellent, if not great, beyond envy and that he is indeed the greatest revolutionary and prominent statesman as well as the best of the great men who is possessed of miraculous brains and courage, benevolence of the sun and the highest level of moral obligation that any other great men in the world could not acquire.

The Democratic Republic of Congo`s newspaper L`avenir reported as follows:

“Kim Jong Il said that his whole life could be epitomized by just the word ‘people’ and devoted his all to his people with a belief that he should make flowers bloom even on a stone if the people wish it.

“To care for and warmly embrace his people with paternal affections was the political affairs of Kim Jong Il who was the personage of human love.

“His revolutionary life was really the one for the people.”

Russian news agency DV-Ross said that Kim Jong Il was an outstanding leader who devoted his all to the accomplishment of the cause of world peace under the unfurled banner of independence against imperialism and his feats will shine forever in the history of humankind.

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