First Deputy of the People

The people`s trust in and respect for President Kim Il Sung was obviously revealed at the first democratic election after national liberation.

The mass rally held in the then Samdung myon (sub-county) of Kangdong County nominated the President as a candidate for deputy to the People`s Committee of South Phyongyan Province.

In his meeting with the delegates who had brought the news, the President came to realize that the people there wanted to see him.

The President said that he would really be thankful for them to come and see him, for he had to go there earlier to greet grandfathers and grandmothers and, if they came, he would see them putting aside all affairs.

Next day, he met a group of ten delegates composed of old men, workers, farmers and students who represented the people of Samdung myon and spoke that he would dedicate his life to state affairs without forgetting their trust and expectation.

The President was truly the great leader and first deputy of the people, the entire Korean people held in high esteem whole-heartedly.

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