Arch of Triumph

It stands at the foot of Moran Hill.

It was erected in April Juche 71(1982) on the occasion of the 70th birthday of President Kim Il Sung in commemoration of his triumphant return after liberating Korea from the Japanese military rule by commanding the arduous anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory.

Made up of over 10 500 trimmed pieces of granite, it has the structure of a traditional multi-storeyed stone tower.

It is 60 metres high and 50.1 metres wide.

On the lower parts of the four pillars stand the carved sculptures, and above them are the two meaningful years, 1925 and 1945. The former is the year when the President set out on the road of revolution, and the latter is the year when he returned home in triumph after achieving Korea’s liberation. Seen on the upper surfaces of the arch are the engraved words of  Song of General Kim Il Sung.

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