Law on “King” Should Be Made Earlier

One day of December Juche 64 (1975) when darkness was going to set in, President Kim Il Sung kindly invited an official and began asking how his family was getting along.

Having heard that his first son became a student, the President wore a bright smile. And saying that one feels pride of making a revolution when he sees his children growing and that we would succeed to the generation of revolution only when we bring up children well, the President told him that, in that sense, a law on “king” should be made first of all.

At that moment, he did not understand what the President meant and was sitting indifferently. The President said to him that adopting the Socialist Labor Law and Land Law was ready but it seemed better to adopt the Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children earlier, because they were the kings of the country.

Some months later since then, the Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children was adopted in April Juche 65 (1976).

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