Law for Children

One day in March decades ago, President Kim Il Sung visited a nursery in Pyongyang.

Looking round many rooms of the nursery built on the ground floor of an apartment in order to meet the convenience of mothers, the President asked in detail how many children there were, whether floors were heated by hot water and what degrees of temperature each room had. Then he entered a room and touched the pillows and quilts on child beds and said in a broad smile that those quilts would make them go to sleep spontaneously.

He told officials that it would be a good idea to make and operate nurseries at the ground floors of apartments and resumed that then the children would not get cold and women`s burdens would be lessened.

Some years later, the President made the Law on Nursing and Upbringing of Children at the expenses of the state and society to be adopted at the Sixth Session of the Fifth Supreme People’s Assembly.

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