Native Home in Mangyongdae

President Kim Il Sung`s native home in Mangyongdae, where he was born and spent his childhood growing his lofty aim of revolution, is situated at the foot of Mangyong Hill.

The President was born there on April 15 Juche 1(1912) and grew up to be a great revolutionary who would bear the destiny of the country and nation.

The members of his revolutionary family lived in the native home in Mangyongdae through generations and fought for Korea`s independence and the freedom and liberation of the people. Not only the Korean people but also numerous foreigners are coming nonstop to the native home.

Personages of various circles in many countries of the world highly praised President Kim Il Sung for his immortal exploits after looking round with deep emotion the historical relics preserved in his birthplace at Mangyongdae on their visit to the DPRK.

The head of the delegation of the Pakistan Juche Study Society said:

“President Kim Il Sung left his native home and embarked on the road of revolution in his teens.

“The brilliant victory in the anti-Japanese war brought by his wise leadership provided an excellent model for colonial countries to copy to achieve independence by their own efforts.

“Visiting Mangyongdae, I came to remember again the whole life of the President who had led the Korean revolution along the road of victory.

“Mangyongdae will shine forever as the immortal sacred place which tells the history of the great Sun”.

The general manager of the Yanbian Hejiao Trading Co. Ltd., highly praised the President, saying that the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung, the most distinguished great man in the world, is so simple that he could not believe it.

The delegation of the United Socialist Nationalist Party of Nepal lauded President Kim Il Sung as the outstanding leader who had built the DPRK into a powerful and prosperous country, saying that the great history of the DPRK could be written as there is Mangyongdae.

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