Floral Tribute Paid to the Great Leaders

The Korean people and foreigners in the DPRK paid heartfelt tribute to President Kim Il Sung, father of socialist Korea, on the occasion of the Day of the Sun, his birth anniversary. Service personnel, working people, youth and students laid baskets of flowers and bouquets at the statues of the great leaders on Mansu Hill in Pyongyang and many other places across the country as they recollected the noble revolutionary life of the peerlessly great men who had laid the eternal foundation for the prosperity of the country and the completion of the revolutionary cause of Juche.

Their statues were also visited by the members of country offices of international organizations, visiting overseas Koreans and foreigners.

Written on the ribbons of the flower baskets they placed were such letters as “The great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il will always be with us” and “The great their Excellences Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are immortal”.

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